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Portrait of Stepan Razin

Publishing house "Paul Furst, widow and heirs". Germany, Nuremberg. The beginning of the 1670's
The early 1670s
Paper, cutter engraving
39,3 х 28,5 cm
In the collection of PI Shchukin, 1905.
Showcase 4

Stepan Timofeevich Razin (1630-1671) – was a Don Cossack, chieftain, leader of the peasant uprising of 1670-1671.
He took his origin from a wealthy (well-to-do) Cossacks’ family. He fought against the Crimean Tatars and Turks. In 1667 he led campaigns to the river Volga to the river Yaik (Urals). In the spring of 1670 he led the uprising and an armed party of Cossacks with Razin moved to Moscow to "beat all princes and boyars, and noble people, and all the Russian nobility." He was joined by peasant serfs, tradespeople, Old Believers, small peoples of the Volga region. Tsaritsyn, Astrakhan, Saratov, Samara, Alatyr, Saransk, Kozmodemyansk and other cities were taken by them. Under Simbirsk Razin was defeated by regime forces commanded by Prince Y. N. Baryatinsky. The wounded chieftain ran to the Don. Wealthy Cossacks handed over S. T. Razin to the government. Together with his brother Frol, Stepan Razin was quartered in Moscow on Red Square near the Lobnoye mesto (a stone platform).