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Publishers Ivan Feodorov and Peter Mstislavets
Moscow, Print Yard
Paper, ink, cinnabar; letterpress printing. The bookbinding, boards, leather, embossed
26,2 x 16,9 cm
Receipt: transferred as a gift as a part of the printed books collection of N.P. and V.N. Rogozhine in 1910
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The first Russian dated book published on March 1, 1564 by Ivan Fedorov (1510–1583) and Peter Mstislavets (died after 1577). It was printed on the Moscow Printing house, built by order of Ivan IV the Terrible in the early 1650s.
The printed edition of the “Apostle” is the liturgical book, which includes acts and Epistles of the Apostles, was intended for new churches in Moscow and in the annexed lands of the Kazan khanate. “Apostle” of 1564 distinguishes by the highest printing level. In the book was made in a special, easily readable typeface, are neither typographical errors nor misprints. The epilogue reported how “printing” started in Russia.

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The book was made in of two-color printing and was decorated with an engraving depicting the Apostle Luke in the Arc de Triumph, 48 ink intros, 22 large ink initials and 54 flowers-frames in the fields. Headlines are typed with a ligature. The triumphal arch was inspired by an engraving by the German artist Erhard Shen, in the Bible, printed at Nuremberg in 1524, however, the composition of the original has been significantly revised and brought in line with national tradition, perhaps, by Ivan Fedorov. The Board from which the arch was printed, the Moscow first printer subsequently used in other editions.
On the cover is an embossed image of a lion and a unicorn under the crown surrounded by four birds, this is very typical for the Moscow Printing Yard. The top and bottom of the centerpiece are embossed with a ligature “the book called”.
We can only be assume the number of published in 1564 books. At the moment, we know of slightly over 60 surviving copies. In the Historical Museum are preserved 8 copies.