Museum complex

The beard mark

Copper; embossing
Showcase 14

The Peter's transformations started at the turn of the XVII and XVIII Centuries from the sphere of everyday life. The new regulations were imposed by law. Under the threat of fines and punishments were introduced clothes of European cut, shaving of beards and Assemblies. On January 16, 1705 Peter issued a remarkable Decree: "On shaving of beards and mustaches of people of every rank, except priests and clergymen; taking of the fees from those who do not want to, and issuing to those who have paid the fee badges". A Fee of four categories was set for the right to wear a beard: 1) 60 rubles a Year for the courtier, nobles, officials; 2) 100 rubles a Year for merchants of the 1st grade; 3) 60 rubles a Year for the merchants of medium and small grades, as well as for the townspeople, 4) 30 rubles a Year for coachmen, cab drivers, Church clerks and all ranks of Moscow residents. The persons who paid the fee were given a special Badge-token. The clergy were exempt from paying this tax. Peasants were also not subject to a duty, but whenever passing through the city gates they were charged "2 Den’gi"(coins) each time, i.e. one Copec.