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The icon of our Lady of the Sign

The First Quarter of the XVIII Century
The Russian Empire of the XVIII century
Inscription on the icon: The true image identical in view and size to the real miraculous icon of Sign of the Holy Mother of the God that is in Novgorod. (In the lower part) With this icon his highness Duke Alexander Danilovitch Menshikov before his passing away had blessed his son Duke Alexander Alexandrovitch Menshikov on (3 ?)(10 ?) of November of 1729. (On the small image) Duchess Natalia Nikolayevna Golitsyn had blessed marriage of her daughter Christina on January 27 of 1891.
Silver, amethyst, quartz, almandine, glass, pearls, enamel, wood, ink Gilding, embossing, engraving, painting
59,0 х 52,0 сm
Receipt: in 1947
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The icon belonged to Alexander D.Menshikov and was preserved by his successors. Alexander D.Menshikov (1773–12(23) November 1729) was a founder of the family of Dukes Menshikov. He was a statesman, a favorite and a companion of Peter the Great; actual ruler in time of Catherine I (1725–1727). In time of reign of Peter II (1727–1730) as a result of court intrigues Menshikov was accused of abuse and embezzlement, arrested, deprived of all awards, titles, property and exiled with his family to Siberia to the town of Berezov. According to the inscription exactly with this icon before his death in 1729 he had blessed his son Alexander. Icon of Our Lady of the Sign was painted as an exact copy of an ancient icon that showed the miracle of deliverance of Novgorod of the enemy siege in 1170.