Museum complex


Author Michael V.Lomonosov
Smalt; mosaic
11 x 9 cm
Receipt: from Kalinin local history Museum in 1948
Showcase 15

The image of the Savior was personally composed by Lomonosov in 1753 "as an undertaking of experiments of mosaic art" and was the first step in revival of this art in Russia. The mosaic was commissioned by Countess M.E.Shuvalova, the Acting Lady of the Suite and the closest friend of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

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In order to get a loan and a land for construction of his own factory of colored glass to revive the art of mosaic in Russia, Lomonosov had to turn for help of influential confidants of Elizabeth – Chancellor M.I.Vorontsov, Count P.I.Shuvalov and his wife Countess M.E.Shuvalova. Thanks to their patronage in 1753 Michael V.Lomonosov was able to start construction of factory in Ust-Ruditsa of the Koporsky district of the Petersburg province.

In a letter to Peter I.Shuvalov of May 10, 1753 Lomonosov wrote about the image of the Savior, "although it has deliberate failings, but its novelty and small size, hopefully can get some excuse; especially if it’s put somewhere higher in a convenient place..." The image was designed "for lighting it up with candles and lamps and perception from certain distance", which was supposed to smooth out the simplicity of its design. Later, the icon was given to the Nicholas Malitsky monastery, which enjoyed special patronag of Shuvalov.