Museum complex


Saint Petersburg
End of XVIII Century
Silver thread, fabric, sequins, cardboard, moire; sewing
60 x 60 mm
Receipt: gift of I.I.Kossinsky in 1945
Showcase 9

This star and ribbon of the order of St.George of 1st degree belonged to the outstanding Russian commander and military theorist Alexander V.Suvorov (1729–1800). Generalissimo (1789) Suvorov participated in almost every war fought by Russia in the second half of the XVIII Century. As a commander he never lost a single battle.
The order was granted to the commander for the victory at Rymnik on September 11 (22), 1789 during the Russian-Turkish war of 1787–1791. Suvorov, commanding the 25-thousand corps, defeated the 100-thousand army of Yusuf Pasha. Despite a four-time superiority of the Turks, the victory was achieved due to speed and surprise of the attack. This Victory made Suvorov one of the major European commanders. For this victory Suvorov received from Catherine II the title of Count Rymniksky, and from the Austrian Emperor – the title of Count of the Holy Roman Empire.

The star and ribbon of the order of St.George were kept in the Suvorov cadet corps (Warsaw), founded in 1899. In the beginning of the 1st World war, the cadet corps was evacuated from Warsaw to Moscow. Among the teachers of the corps in 1912 was listed company commander Colonel Ivan I.Kosinski who donated the awards of Suvorov to the Museum.