Museum complex


Unknown artist
End of XVIII Century
Canvas, oil paints
75 х 60 cm
Receipt: from State Museum Fund in 1928
Open storage

Count Pyotr A.Rumyantsev (1725–1796), an outstanding military commander, Field-Marshal (1770). Participant of the Russian-Swedish war of 1741–1743, Seven Years’ War of 1756–1763. Since 1764 he was appointed the President of the Small Russia Collegium (Board) and the Governor-General of Small Russia. During the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774 was the commander-in-chief of the armies, won the victories at Ryabaya mogila, Larga and Kagul (1770), and signed Peace Treaty with Turkey in Küçük Kaynarca in 1774. The First among the Russian generals was awarded with established in 1769 order of St.George of 1st degree, and also received the title of Field-Marshal and honorary attachment to his name "Zadunaisky".
He is depicted in the uniform of Field-Marshal with a star and a ribbon of the order of St.Andrew, star of the order of St.George of 1st degree and insignia of the order of St.Alexander Nevsky on a neck ribbon.