Museum complex


P.Ovchinnikov Company
Silver, enamel, oil paints; painting, filigree (scan’), embossing, gilding
10,7 x 8,8 x 1,5 cm
Receipt: via purchasing commission, 1956
Showcase 12

The firm of P.A.Ovchinnikov was founded in 1853 and it was the flagship of the national trend in jewelry art. P.A.Ovchinnikov was a former serf of the Princes Volkonsky. Since 1865 he becomes the Supplier of the Imperial Court and later the supplier of many European Royal and Princely Courts. He was awarded with Russian orders and medals and the French order of the Legion of Honor, the Italian order of the Iron Crown. The Company was a regular participant of all-Russia and World exhibitions, where it was always rewarded with high awards. After the death of the founder of the company, the business was successfully continued by his sons.
Triptych was made of gilded-silver, three-part, in the lower part it is rectangular in the upper part it is keel shaped. Inside on the middle sash is painted the image of the Old Testament Trinity; on the side doors are images of the St.Anna and St.Elizabeth. On the reverse, smooth, gilded side is a carved inscription: “To the Dearest Anna Nikolaevna Unkovskaya in blessing and memory of cordial respect from colleagues in the Moscow Elizabeth Institute. 19/25/1X/06 Moscow 19/25/1X/11.”
The Moscow Elizabeth Institute was one of the institutes of Noble maidens for training daughters of Nobles, military officials, clergy and merchants. It was founded in 1825.
Unkovskaya Anna Nikolaevna was the Chief of the Moscow Institute of Elizabeth.