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Artist K.S.Osokin (1801 – after 1847) from the original of Johann B.Lampi, Jr.
Russian Empire
Caption bottom left (on the stone) signature and date: from paint. of Lampi / Osokin 1835
Paper on a cardboard, watercolor
53,0 х 71,5 cm
Receipt: from the Central depository of the State Museum Fund (Moscow), 1928; previously-in the collection of Soldatenkovs
Showcase 2

This watercolor is a reduced duplicate of a giant painting by the Austrian artist Johann Baptist Lampi, Jr. (1775–1837), who worked in Russia from 1795 to 1804.
Emperor Paul I is depicted being accompanied by his sons, Grand Dukes Alexander and Konstantin and Archduke of Austria Stefan-Joseph. The Emperor's entourage depicts the main historical characters, who personified his reign: I.P.Kutaisov, A.P.Kologrivov, P.A.Palen, P.V.Lopukhin, as well as the figures of “the brilliant century” of Catherine II, who continued their careers at time of Paul: A.A.Bezborodko, P.A.Zubov, A.V.Suvorov.
The intrigue of the picture is that the persons depicted on it have never got together at the same time. Perhaps this was the will of the customer – to unite prominent public figures of his (Paul’s) reign.
Presumably the work on the painting started during the life of Emperor Paul I in 1799, and was completed in 1802, after his passing away.
A special "flavor" to the scene is given also by the fact that P.A.Zubov and P.A.Palen were heading the conspiracy of March 11, 1801, when the Emperor was murdered.
In 1835 Nicholas I bought the painting for the Winter Palace. At the same time was created its watercolor copy.