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Lithography by N.Antonov with coloring in watercolors
Publisher P.Streltsov, Moscow
Lithography with watercolor painting
46 х 52,2 cm
Receipt: as part of Bakhroushin collection
Showcase 4

The caption below the picture: "Russian Exhibition of products and industry in Moscow in the Grand Kremlin Palace November 2, 1831", "His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Emperor Nikolai Pavlovich, Her Imperial Majesty the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, the Heir to the Russian Throne, Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich", "deign to enter into the first hall of Exhibition of Russian produce and industry. - It looked as if a good father came to his family. The hearts of everyone turned to the Emperor searching for a new life for themselves in His face alive with gentleness, humility, joy and love. Quickly looking around the vast Exhibition, He exclaimed: "There’s lots to see!" Turning then to those around Him, "Show me and explain me everything," he said and began the review. High Visitors spent more than two hours at the Exhibition. Manufacturers of Moscow saw the Emperor, the Empress and the Crown Prince Heir to the Throne amongst themselves talking to everyone without exemptions in a friendly, simple and joyful manner. Time passed quickly, and it is impossible for us now to recall or describe all we’ve seen or retell what we’ve heard. The power of feeling, the heat of experience that each of us has carried away in our hearts is also beyond words. We’ve seen with amazement that fine knowledge that let the Emperor to go deep into every detail of every matter, how quickly he was able to tell the importance of every case. The Fire of His Eyes, the kindness of His words was indescribable, the Empress was pure mildness, softness, the Young Prince, the Heir to the Throne was captivating by His warmth, wit and oprness. - Knowing that children of the esteemed manufacturer Titov were in England and France, the Emperor said that he considers the education to be essential for perfection in any business; he said that it is necessary to go abroad, and learn from foreigners, for benefit of the Fatherland – "to learn the Good, not the bad," added He." "Taken from “The Moscow News” № 89 – November 7, 1831. Page 3745".

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The first half of the XIX century was marked by the growth of the Russian factory industry, especially cotton and weaving factories. In 1831 was arranged the Moscow Exhibition of manufacture, where, according to eyewitnesses, "from morning till late at night were crowds of not only merchants and industrialists, but of grandees, ladies and officials as well".
Emperor Nicholas I personally visited the Exhibition, got acquainted with samples of fabrics and other exhibits, after that he invited about 50 Moscow manufacturers and famous merchants to a dinner party, where he discussed with them the manufacture business.
An information leaflet about the Moscow Exhibition of 1831 with prevailing loyal themes.