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The middle of the XVI century
Sewing and laid embroidery on damast fabric (Italy) and taffeta with multicolored silk, spun with gold and silver
79 x 91cm
From: Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, 1890
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A huge role in the development of Moscow, not only as an all-Russian state center, but also as a church center, was played by the transfer in 1326 by Metropolitan Peter the Metropolitan Chair from Vladimir to Moscow. The influence on society of such prominent church leaders as Metropolitan Peter and Alexy, St. Sergius of Radonezh, made Moscow the spiritual center of the young state. The contribution of St. Sergius, his associates and students to the construction of monasteries - centers of preservation of Russian culture - is huge. They founded up to forty monasteries from which the founders of up to fifty monasteries came. Their images are sewn on a hanging podea.

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In the middle - images of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Moscow Metropolitans Peter and Alexy are placed, and on the border - Sergius and Nikon of Radonezh, Evfimi of Suzdal, Cyril Belozersky, Varlaam Khutynsky, Savva Vishersky and Pafnuty Borovsky are sewn.
The hanging podeas were hung under the icons of the local row of the iconostasis or under the separately located icons. The tradition of using them was borrowed from Byzantium. On most of the ancient Russian hanging podeas the plot of an icon repeats itself, but quite often changes were made in the composition of the podea, connected in meaning and complementing the icon. Thus, in many cases, the text of troparion and kondak, glorifying the icon image, was embroidered on a podea.
Embroidered on the border of the podea “St. Nicholas, Metropolitan Peter, Metropolitan Alexy with selected saints", kondak and troparion in honor of St. Nicholas indicate that on the icon, under which it was embroidered, was represented this particular saint.
Kondak is a genre of early Byzantine church poetry and music, a kind of hymn poem on a religious plot. In Orthodox liturgy - a short chants on the theme of the holiday.
Troparion is a short chant in which the essence of the feast is revealed or the sacred person is glorified.