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Traditions and innovations of Russian culture of the late 19th – early 20th century

At the turn of the century Russian society became inerasably interested in culture of the Russian middle Ages. Artists more often studied artefacts of Ancient Russia and folk art, trying to hear, according to M.A.Vrubel, "the national note of powerful music, the music of whole personality, not dissected distractions of a sorted out differentiated and pale West." Attention to spiritual roots caused a genuine Renaissance in Church art. More than five thousand churches were opened within a short period of time, the decoration of those combined Byzantine, old Russian, early Christian traditions and stylistic innovations.
The Artists now worked not only in the “Haute" (fine) art, painting or architecture, but also created ovens, fireplaces, stained glass Windows, furniture, tapestries, posters, theatre programs, menus. They designed household items to promote folk crafts. They tried to oppose industrial produce to the man-made beauty of Handicrafts. The Works made in style of national romanticism, were exhibited with great success both in Russia and abroad.

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